Motorcycle Repair shop.  Parts and Service for Harley Davidson, Buell, Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

​We can also provide service for your dirt bikes and quads.

Shop Labor Rate

$105.00 Per Hour

Chain Adjustment with Lubrication & Cleaning


Valve Adjustments

Single Cylinder: $205.00

V-Twin: $310.00

4 Cylinder: $415.00

Carburetor Cleaning & Rebuild

​$105.00 Per Carb + Parts

Brake Pad Replacement

​$50.00 Per Wheel + Parts

Battery Replacement

​$30.00 + Parts

​(Free if Battery is Purchased through Klass Cycles)

Intake Leak

​$157.50 + Parts


Tire Change

​$40.00 Per Wheel If Tires Are Purchased Through Klass Cycles

​$30.00 Per Wheel If Customer Supplies Tires and Wheels Are Off Motorcycle

$60.00 Per Wheel If Customer Supplies Tires And We Must Remove Wheels From Motorcycle 

Fork Oil Change

​$105.00 + Fork Oil

Fork Rebuild

$315.00 Sportbike Cartridge Front Ends

$210.00 Plus Fork Oil If Forks Are Off Bike (Harley)

​$315.00 Plus Fork Oil If Forks Are On Bike (Harley)

​​Brake & Light Inspection


Carb Sync

​2 Carbs $55.00

​4 Carbs $105.00

Sport Bike F/R Sprockets & Chain Install


Sport Bike Full Fairing Installation


​All Prices Are Subject To Change Depending On Year, Make & Model Of Motorcycle